Very late April

Tomorrow morning I become an NVAR rider; neither the elements of nature or man shall stop me. I have two weeks to visit friends along my ride to meet with the NVAR in Auburn CA, in which time I will drop blogs into this site. HOWEVER and unfortunately, Julie, who had been the reporter on each of the NVAR rides, broke her foot and will not make the ride this year. Jerry asked, and I accepted the duty to write the sit-reps (blogs) for each day of our ride across the country. CONSEQUENTLY, time, energy, and attention for a blog into Harley tracks will fall short.

To follow activities of the National Veterans Awareness Ride on its annual Run to The Wall in Washington D.C. please visit:

Click on the Blog tab in the upper right corner, or join their Facebook page.

Thank you all for your support to our veterans and their families.

Never Forget

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  1. Roger Swets

    Glad to be included in your list of friends 🙂 It was great to see you again!


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