Title 42

The End of Title 42: What does it mean? Is it relevant, or is it too late? 

Before I explain, you should know, that at one time, I was a fan of democrats before I knew what a democrat was.  

You see, in reply to a friendly letter I sent to the president of the United States, I received an envelope from the White House with photos of President John F. Kennedy, and Jackie with young Caroline and little John Jr. at her lap. 

(I still have the photos, someplace!)

Fast forward through sixty years: Any friend of JFK was a friend of mine. I was naive and trusting, but I wasn’t always true blue.  While I re-acclimated to America after fifteen years in Asia, I wondered, “What the hell is going on?” The American Way eroded with a dilution to our nature. Morals, values, and responsibility faded from too many.  We needed a change, and it would be have to be drastic.  In 2016, Hillary was a part of the problem and Trump was a bit over the top. I wrote in Senator Jeff Flake, R-AZ.

My write-in was a wash-out, and the democratic leaders revealed themselves. I believe JFK would be ashamed of his party, and he past six years are history. But who will write that history?  Will the American Way recover, or will we watch the decline of democracy?

The Mother of all Agendas 

By: Mike Rinowski


To our great nation

JFK gave a creed,

which leaders on the Left

want all to mis-read,

“What will America do for me?”


The American Way

that built this land,

they want to change,

and for eternity,

hold the upper hand.


A lot of rain

on their parade it fell,

from the last administration

it’s easy to tell.


A change of weather 

has long been their plan,

to get more people 

onto our land.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

they shout to the world,

our border is porous

just remember to vote for us.


There’ll be no demands

for your idle hands,

they’ll take care of you,

and your cousins, too.


Deep into your life 

you’ll feel their reach,

and to your children,

it’s their truth to teach. 


Less and less

our laws apply,

if you commit a crime

you’ll get a bye.


However, beware, I say

for an address you list,

your neighbor may be 

a domestic terrorist.


Entitlements will grow 

from taxes they lift higher,

but when billionaires amend,

it’s at our doors for more,

their search will end.


The American Way

once strived for with pride,

will swiftly erode

like a falling tide.


Our nature once admired

around the globe,

will be diluted

by a count untold.


If their self-proclaimed 


confuses you,

don’t do a thing 

until they say to.


The bed they share 

with the media is not fair,

it would have Walter Cronkite,

and Walt Disney,

pulling out their hair.


Those who toil

to make America great,

will be illegally outnumbered

to seal our fate.


Cards and ID’s will be given

to millions of illegals—and their kin,

******but paper doesn’t make them

*******************an American.


With those people

I have no beef,

it’s all those leaders 

who resemble a thief.


***I say, the first generation

********to grasp that paper, 

*********not have the right

*********to cast their favor.


Since the American Revolution

over three million gave,

if they knew of all this

they’d turn over in their grave.


Brave men and women

lived and died by a creed,

from who the Left 

used to be.


“Ask what you can do 

for your country,”

was the intent of President: 

John F. Kennedy – Democrat.


The Progressive Soul

By: Mike Rinowski


Give me liberty

or give me death,

is not a battle cry

from Leaders on the Left.


Their time of strength

has fallen woke and meek,

both friends and foes 

now see us as weak.


The power they wield

is a sinful act,

its morals and values 

they do lack.


Our founding Fathers

gave us the plan,

under one God

we are to stand.


But with their right hand

leaders now take an oath,

without recognition

to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


The Party comes first

at any cost,

and with that 

our freedom is lost.


A facade of compassion

shadows their greed,

there’s a lack of citizens

for the votes they need.


Sanctity and sovereignty

are not in their plans,

votes they’ll import

from distant lands.


With those votes

comes burden and crime,

with more to follow 

all the time.


To St. Floyd of fentanyl

they extended their praise,

but for 13 slain heroes

they had nothing to say.

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