“The poetic, lyrical, and colorful descriptions of the people and landscapes really came alive. You kept the focus

on honoring our veterans. I laughed, cried, studied, and wondered in awe as I read your book.”

Paul Ittner: Minneapolis MN


Unfortunately, not everyone reads books. But everybody likes to hear a good story, and I share my trail tales in

person with a slow slide show, too, to follow the action. For a presentation to your organization contact Mike:


Please check out my sample videos below.





Read Harley Tracks customer of the week interview: 





2 Responses to “Speaking Engagements”

    • Mike Rinowski

      Hello Dan,

      It was a pleasure to meet you, and Charisse; quite a story she has. Sorry about a late reply. The trip was great, almost overwhelming. Just now catching up with delayed posts to the new web site I haven’t quite figured out yet.
      I do look forward to your rally.


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