“One can see that all we fought for was not in vain.”

Dave Barr – Vietnam Veteran, Author: Riding the Edge, Riding the Ice, and more.

“What an incredible ride. No one I know could have made a ride even close to yours.”

Lawrence Beutlich – Vietnam Veteran, Author: Pa’s Big Adventure

“The book has the power to take you on the trip.”

Larry Tank – USMC


There are no tracks like Harley Tracks-41,000 miles alone across Vietnam to honor the Americans who fought and died there. It’s been called many things, but in Mike’s words, “Harley Tracks is a spiritual journey–with a handful of throttle.”

In 2008, Mike went to Vietnam for his first time. A ride was not on his mind; to get a Harley into Hanoi was as much of a surprise as the job. But an obligation to honor our fallen veterans consumed his work, and then his life.

Mike laid tracks on every kilometer of the National Highway 1 and the Ho Chi Minh Road. Imagining the tasks and turmoil of a combat veteran while in solitude of jungle was a powerful and overwhelming sensation.  But on that land of beauty and welcome, he didn’t want his ride to be a hateful or somber affair, (although, at times, he was overwhelmed with emotion)  but he wanted to celebrate freedom for them, so, he rode with a playful vengeance.

After seven wild rides across Vietnam in the spirit of freedom, his quest unexpectedly rolled full circle on a ride across America, and his journey ended with a joy ride through Canada in 2013.

Not bad for an unexpected road trip!

Mike says, “I’d have to talk with a priest, a monk, and a psychologist to decide if my ride was laid out by a higher power, fate, or desire.” But he knows his Guardian Angel was very busy.

The ride continues, and one day, he will donate the Fat Boy to The Wall.

Please join Mike on the ride of a lifetime with the spirits of those who never had the chance to make one.

Harley Tracks: Across Vietnam to The Wall is available from this web site, where profit is shared with veterans causes. It’s also available in an e-book from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Thank You & Never Forget


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    • 6gear

      Hi Larry,
      Good to see you at christmas.
      Still learning about he workings of the social media and web site operations.
      Thanks for the visit and will keep progress posted.
      All the best in the new year.

  1. Fred (a.k.a. Deucedog)

    I spent some time in Vietnam and in spite of the ‘events’ of that time, I always thought that it is a beautiful country.
    Good for you on having the opportunity to experience that country on two wheels.
    I’ll, for sure, be following your story.


    • 6gear

      Thanks for the visit Fred,
      Glad to hear you could see through chaos and turmoil to recognize there is beauty there. I’m sure you would be surprised with the country and people now.
      My adventure was beyond an opportunity, it became an honor.
      Thanks for serving.

  2. Mike Swinscoe

    Hey Mike; It looks & sounds great. Sure am glad we met while I visiting Vietnam. I will pass this web site on to vets. & Harley riders alike.

    • 6gear

      Hi Mike,
      Just getting acquainted with the media and site.
      Good to meet you in Nha Trang & looking forward to riding to Rolling Thunder.

    • 6gear

      Good to share rides with you and all the guys. Now that I am gone, you alone are probably one of the luckiest riders there! haha
      Ride safe & enjoy

  3. 6gear

    I appreciate the comments and glad to hear you like the site.
    There is a lot more to come.

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