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Coincidences – my ride around Vietnam and a sequence of events through a manuscript have been full of them. So, it was natural that I carried the book’s proofs from the printer on my Run to The Wall. Wifi service at a rest stop in Oregon’s mountains allowed a final review and approval. HARLEY TRACKS: Across Vietnam to The Wall is on its print run as I ride. I’ll have books in mid-June. Wow! When my bike arrived in Hanoi on Jan 14, 2009 I could not have imagined this journey in my wildest dreams.

I stopped at the Black Hills H-D to talk with Jim, the owner, about my book signing during the Sturgis Rally. He was busy, to put it mildly, as they expanded the store in preparation for the million people they expect. Then I rode to the Buffalo Chip and met with Greg to talk about setting up on Thursday of Bike Week-their Military Day. Things are looking good.

I rolled smoothly into Oregon with visits to Roger & Ellen in Veneta – great friends and hosts with good tunes, Don & Joel in Roseburg for a great steak, and then to Grants Pass for a day tour with Aunt Martha & cousin Kariann. The CA Redwoods stand as grand as ever, and I laid my first tracks down the coast highway – a fantastic trail with spectacular scenery.

We’ve all heard about the drought in California, but last year it rained from the OR border to Petaluma, and this year, it rained from SF to Hollister. Go figure! After a visit at Johnny’s Bar in Hollister, I consider a return for the 4th of July (if so, they could expect rain) to join 100,000 for their Freedom Rally.

Monday I’ll join the NVAR in Auburn CA for our ride for veterans across this great land. We have thousands to visit before our arrival in Washington D.C. ten days later. I’ll make daily sit/reps for the ride; please visit nvao.us

The Memorial Day approaches; keep the vets in thought & prayer.

I’ve replaced the photo albums with an expanded selection of chapter pictures. Please check them out. I welcome comments – are there enough, are there too many?

harleytracks.com will grow in the coming weeks with excitement to offer, finally, after more than 6,000 hours of writing; HARLEY TRACKS: Across Vietnam to The Wall.





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  1. Patrick Gordon

    It was great meeting and having the opportunity to ride with you on NVAR this year. Can’t wait to read your book!

    • Mike

      The NVAR is a great ride with a wonderful group of people. I hope to see you on it next year. In the meantime, I’m sure you’ll enjoy my book of trail tales. I would appreciate your comments posted after you read it.


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