It happened so fast, a million people converged on the Black Hills in a flash, and now it’s in the past.

Thanks again to those who packed Harley Tracks on their ride home. Ken, from WI, was the first to order the book on his return home – Thank you Ken.

Since my return I’ve sent books to a magazine editor for a review and post, and to radio and tv hosts for reviews and interviews. On this cloud covered day, a great review came out of the blue; Henry Zeybel, an editor at Vietnam Veterans of America,  sent notice of his review of Harley Tracks published in their VVA Magazine. His words of recognition and praise humbled me. (Read them in the About Page, or a full length in Book Review II at I thought of those I rode for with the urge to ride, but rain, city traffic, and sense kept the Fat Boy in the garage.

It’s 350+ days until the 2016 Sturgis Rally. In the meantime I have book signings scheduled.

Aug. 22: 3rd Annual Ride for the Troops, 65 Pub & Grub, Blaine MN

Aug. 28 & 29: Operation LZ, Forest City IA. I’m not registered to vend, but I’ll be there.

Sept. 12 & 13: Arts and Crafts Fair, Little Falls MN – near the American Legion.

Sept. 17 – 20: Howard County 33 Annual Vietnam Veterans Reunion, Greentown IN.

I look forward to meeting many, and to sharing a great story and keeping in memory those who gave all.

Keep a part of Memorial Day in each day.

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  1. Tom Campbell

    Mike – met you at Black Hills HD. Just finished your book. I particularly enjoyed your descriptions of the Viet Nam countryside, the conditions of the roads you travelled and your riding experiences. I have felt the scraping of the floorboards, the jar of ruts and heaves in the pavement and the intimate connection to your surroundings along with historical events that occurred there. I appreciated the deep respect you had for my fellow soldiers, sailors and airman along the way. I was most struck by your pronouncement in “The Swan Song Ride”…”Brothers, FALL IN. It’s time to go home.” I believe they all heard you.

    • Mike

      Events from my ride return in thought daily and the Swan Song Ride holds among the most cherished.
      Thank you.


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