6 Responses to “Setting The Scene”

  1. Clive Rand

    They are really nice places, and great photo’s too, it is pictures like this that make me wish I was there as well.

  2. pam lin

    Hey Mike,
    Familar smile, great picutres! Inspired by your spirt of freedom. Will surely follow you to experice your adventures. Looking forward to your updates.

  3. 2wheels

    Have another try with RideAsia in a couple of weeks Mike.
    The more we see of Vietnam the better.

  4. 6gear

    Hey Dave,
    Nice to have your visit.
    I’ll be renovating the site soon.
    Better stories and photos to be included.
    Will not forget my friends in VN.
    I’ll let you know when.

    Enjoy the Spirit.

  5. Doc Bernie Duff

    Love the pics, Mike! I can hardly wait to get back home and back to what we do. I hope people really take the time to go through your pictures and read the words that flow so freely from your heart. Your adventure was so much more than a travelogue. You took the time to smell those proverbial flowers along the way and while you were at it, you gave so much of yourself back in return. It’s always been my distinct pleasure to know you and more, to call you friend! Peace to you always and may you always continue to blaze new Harley Tracks!


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