Painted for Posterity

I’m going to piggy back this post for my convenience: May is a month I commit to honoring our veterans across America. I’m currently 3,400 miles into the ride, with another 5,000 to go.

Please visit to follow our ride.

Thank you & Never Forget

The best rides are those that “just happen”, like mine in Harley Tracks, and the best ideas come in their own time, like those in the fresh paint job on my Fat Boy. Thanks to three talented painters, I’ll ride with a greater pride with this paint job for posterity. These photos are from it’s debut at the Donnie Smith Bike Show in St. Paul MN.

If this is your first time to my site, after you’ve checked out these photos, please browse around and check out the readers comments page, after which, please hit a Buy the Book icon and join the ride. Harley Tracks is available in an ebook from amazon, bn, and kobo.

In five weeks I’ll make tracks over those I’ve laid for the past five years on my sixth ride to Oregon, and then to California to meet my National Veterans Awareness Ride (NVAR) family for our annual pilgrimage across America; for 10 days we visit veterans in homes and hospitals across America, visit schools to share our gratitude toward our veterans, and perform ceremonies at cemeteries and memorials before we arrive in Washington D.C. for Rolling Thunder. It’s a fantastic, emotional, and memorable ride every rider should make at least once if at all possible.

For more about that ride, please click on the NVAO link at the right side of this page.

Scroll below these photos for the previous photos of paint in progress, other stuff, and the archives hold a lot of cool stuff also.

Thank you, Thank a Vet, & Never Forget





































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2 Responses to “Painted for Posterity”

  1. Eddie Zirkel

    Hi Mike, you are such a nice guy. It was a pleasure to break bread with you my brother, in Santa Cruz a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for all you do for the veterans. I am going to give your number to my brother Robert, who is riding to D.C. from New Jersey. I hope you can meet him. He would love your motorcycle and you, and your story as he is a brother in the Lord too.

    • Mike Rinowski

      Hi Eddie,
      I’ll not forget about you, but I do lapse in the social media department. It was nice to meet you and your friends. Like minded people seem to find each other. I had another great ride; sorry I didn’t meet your brother, but meeting in D.C. on Memorial Weekend can be a challenge. We’re all together is spirit though. I hope you enjoy a great summer of riding.
      Wish you the best always my friend.


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