NVAR 2016: Post I

Is it May, yet, has been the question for many riders since last June; anticipation for the National Veterans Awareness Ride (NVAR). April 30 was close enough and I left Mpls for my annual pilgrimage to meet the NVAR in Auburn CA. On May 18 we depart for a ride across America to visit veterans in homes and hospitals to thank them for their service, and let them know they are not forgotten. We also pay respect at cemeteries—none are forgotten.

I joined my NVAR brothers and sisters on May 16. Mother Nature was kind to me on my 3,300 mile ride out. Mongo & Nancy, in NE put me up for a couple nights, and we reunited in Auburn. Central NE passes with a beauty I’d never seen, and two lane hiways across WY and ID held the scenery and solitude I looked forward too. The ID desert hides some strange things out in the open; I missed the worlds first Nuclear Power Plant in the past, but it didn’t open till the end of May. (In the fifties, they spent ten years and a billion dollars trying to build a nuclear powered airplane! One of the few things they learned was that it was a waste, and Pres. Kennedy shut down the program.)

Hiway 20, across OR was a fantastic ride, and Don & JoEll were great hosts in Roseburg. I would see Don again in Auburn. Roger’s fishing trip cut our time together, but it’s always great to see him and Ellen in Veneta. (I met Roger at my Memento home in Nha Trang, Vietnam in 2009.) Cousin Kari drove me and aunt Martha up to Crater Lake on a perfect postcard day. Then I made my first ride into northeast CA, and what a surprise.

After a visit with my nephew, Sam, in Chico, and at the suggestion of a rider I met, I took route 70 toward Lake Almonar. Wow! One of the best trails ever. Trails cut the state forests for some of the best riding in the west. After a visit with a buddy up there, I spent 6 hours on a two hour ride to Auburn, and a great reunion with my NVAR family.

Our journey begins on Tuesday with local events, and Wed. morning we depart for our ten day mission to Washington D.C.

Please check back for updates on this web site.

I’ll post photo albums on harley tracks facebook.

Daily sit reps will be posted at nvao.us

Thank you, Thank a Vet & Never Forget.

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