Words from D.C. What a week.

So many Vet Homes, Hospitals, schools, hotels, and meals. I’ve never eaten so much on a road trip.record. This morning we rode over 70 strong through the mountains of West Virginia and Maryland, in a steady drizzle and heavy fog, at 70 mph. And it was cold too, but all part of the adventure. It’s rides like that, that make others more enjoyable. Hosts were ready for us at the Maryland Veterans Cemetery, where we laid another wreath, as we have each day. Silence, before each lone bugler plays taps, commands a focused attention to itself. Thoughts of a life taken pass between the first and last notes, and then a moment of silence returns.

We rode into DC over 70 strong without any formal escort, or incident. Arlington National Cemetery was the first stop for another wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Actually, there are remains of unknown soldiers from WW I, WW II, and the Korean War. Thanks to DNA testing, the remains of a Vietnam Veteran were identified in 1998 and returned per his families wishes. Few people ever set foot into the protected area of the Tomb, and it was a great honor for four of our riders to pay this tribute. Taps followed the setting of the wreath.

The Old Guard provides military honors for up to 27 funerals a day at the National Cemetery – that’s a lot of silent moments.

It’s been a great ride with a great bunch of guys and gals I’m honored to be counted with. Tomorrow we make our last formal ride together to the final destination – The Wall.






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  1. Tom

    Very nice pictures Mike. I expect your future posts will be just as inspiring.

    Thank You for letting us share in your experiences



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