Three days on the road now, or maybe it’s four days. Rolling 70 strong and counting. Visits to Veterans Homes, Memorials, and schools are adding up too.

We rip across interstate highways, and roll strong along two lanes into the heartlands communities. People line the streets with cheers and flags waving, cars and trucks in opposing lanes pull over and stop; not only in town, but on open highways. Yesterday my arms burned from intense sunshine, and today an early rain and afternoon clouds keep things comfortable for leathers all day.

We were welcomed at state Veterans Homes and Hospitals by the Veterans of WW II, Korea, and Vietnam. It’s great to meet these guys and listen to a story or two. They get to feeling a little couped up and a fresh face makes their day more enjoyable. Some of the guys outliving their families and friends are especially grateful for the company. It’s important to let them know they are not forgotten. I was honored to assist with the wreath laying ceremony for a Medal of Honor recipient, PFC Daniel Bruce, 19 years old, when he gave his life so his buddies would live.

We rolled through Chicago’s outer perimeter without any problems, thanks to Illinois State Patrol. But, the Indiana Motorcycle Highway Patrol, they gave us V.I.P. treatment – fifty miles out of Indianapolis they shut down the interstate, and closed freeways through the city and beyond. In staggered formation, we’re running up to 80 mph to keep up with the Patrol’s Harleys across 5 lane expressways. And these guys were dropping back to block ramps, then shooting back to the front to block again!

VFW’s, Legions, and AMVET’s along the way are feeding us 3 hearty square meals daily; we’re all due for a diet after this run.

Two more days into DC.



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  1. Tom

    Fabulous Mike. From the sound of it your all are haveing the experience of a lifetime.



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