POSSIBLE SNOW FLURRIES by October 18 – Let’s ride.

It’s an electrifying time when the bikes get out of winter’s cold storage and hit dry asphalt. Minnesota riders are as committed as the fishermen, frigid winds or not, they’re out there. Calendars everywhere note runs here and there for this reason or that cause. There’s not a weekend open till snow flies – or it gets too deep.

The “08” is ready for Rolling Thunder in Washington DC, on to Ground Zero and Boston, and then a scenic route home via Canada. After close inspection, the front end was in surprisingly good condition, but I changed bushings and seals anyway. During a closer inspection, when I decided to change rubber here, rather than in mid-trip, I found curls of steel reaching out between the frame and rear fork. Yuck! A constant beating from Vietnam’s trails were ripping the pivot shaft bearings apart. That may have something to do with low back problems too. Anyway, the drive belt is in remarkable condition, and only half the chrome on the pulley teeth is missing. LOL

I’m always learning something, and right now in particular; its about web site presentation. Harleytracks.com is under mild construction, to include more photos and better blogging. (I’ve never blogged before, so bear with me.)  The budget may, or may not, include excerpt readings. A visual exercise with text is the alternative, and the bright side is, they will at least be short (2.5 – 3 minutes), professionally edited excerpts this time. Check out Harley Tracks Facebook too, and hit the “Like” to stay tuned in.

The motorcycle adventure rolls on with re-writes and study, along with recreational reading (any reading a writer does is actually working – so I’m doing lots of overtime.) Two exceptional motorcycle tales are Glen Heggstad’s “Two Wheels Through Terror” and the follow-up “One More Day Everywhere.” John Hall’s “Riding on the Edge” A Motorcycle Outlaw’s Tale is entertaining with some good laughs too, but perhaps for a narrower audience. Harley Tracks shares natural similarities, yet, is unique in it’s own aspects of location, perspective, the bike, and the manner in which it all came together.  I keep finding myself on the right track for this presentation, and no tales are simply just written; they are re-written over and over again. I’ve lost count on mine, but a cohesive flow is developing. Still, I need guidance, and another review will push me to higher level. It’s too early to talk about print, but a thought of it remains early next year!

Next week, Mike, a Veteran I met last October in Nha Trang, Vietnam, is meeting me in Des Moines, Iowa, where we meet with Rolling Thunder riders from California. We’ll spend a week stopping at schools for Veteran awareness visits, Veterans homes, and memorials at cemeteries. The ride ends at The Vietnam Veterans Memorial – The Wall, which lists the names of 58,272 men and women who gave all in Vietnam, and over 1,200 who remain MIA. And let’s remember, it’s a Memorial Day for all Veterans and Allies, with an extra prayer for those currently in harms way.  I could not have planned a more respectful conclusion to my unexpected 41,000 mile journey, Across Vietnam in the Spirit of Freedom.

In God We Trust


God Bless America


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  1. Tony

    Nice bike pics. Take care on the ride, give our best to the vets you see.


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