Readers from Sturgis

One evening at the Elk Creek Campground bar:

Jeff took a seat next to me on the porch and says he wants to buy Harley Tracks. He said Charlie, a buddie who bought the book a couple days before, was reading it instead of taking his afternoon rides into the hills. If it’s that good, he wanted one too.

I’m humbled by the praise and recognition to my story. I feel a tinge of guilt because I had so much fun along the way; but there were many aspects to it, and I’m pleased all connected with it on an emotional level. The evolution of my journey rolled like I rode, sometimes in low gear, and it rolled strong in 6th gear. Below, I share Jeff’s comments.

“Hi Mike, We met in Piedmont, SD, where I purchased your book. I’ll be honest, it starts kinda slow. About halfway through your writing or thinking seems to change. After the change I read the rest of it at one sitting. I have friends who have rode with The Wall. When you deliver the message, I will admit that I had a tear in my eyes. The idea that you not only knew of the places where these men gave their lives, you rode through them and left tracks. By far the best investment I made at Sturgis 75. I’m glad we met and hope to meet again. Thanks for the book Mike.”

Another who bought Harley Tracks at Sturgis was Tom Campbell, Vietnam Veteran, SEAL Team One.

“Just finished your book. I particularly enjoyed your descriptions of the Viet Nam countryside, the conditions of the roads you traveled and your riding experiences. I felt the scraping of the floorboards, the jar of ruts and heaves in the pavement, and the intimate connection to your surroundings along with the historical events that occurred there. I appreciated the deep respect you had for my fellow soldiers, sailors, and airmen along the way. I was most struck by your pronouncement in The Swan Song Ride, “Brothers, FALL IN. It’s time to go home.” I believe they all heard you.”

For more readers comments, click drop-downs on the Buy the Book Page, and please, buy the book.

Thank a Vet & Never Forget

Presentations & Book Signings:

Feb. 19: Senior Activity Center, Elk River MN — followed with presentation requests from six more centers in Mpls/St. Paul/Austin, scheduled for Oct, Nov, & Dec.

Mar. 8: HOG Chapter, Elk River MN

Mar. 13: St. Croix Valley Riders (SCRV), St. Paul

Mar. 19 & 20: FM Crusaders MC Motorcycle Show, Fargo ND

Mar. 21: Oak One Place, Fargo

Mar. 21: Fargo-Moorhead Book Club, Fargo ND

Apr. 2 & 3: Donnie Smith Bike Show, St. Paul MN


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