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  1. Mary Mrozla

    please publish, being illiterate in how to put a review out there, I will write it here, knowing Mike will transcribe. I am Mike’s sister, and with that aside, we were skeptical tin how this “project”, “journey:, “book”would all become what it has. The “book” sits on my coffee table, I pick it up at various times….I have read it twice, but as I said it is on my coffee table, and pick it up now and then. I was young during the Vietnam War, but it scared the shit out of me, because I knew Mike was serving our country, and every now and then a familiar victims name would surface that they were killed. Mike has always been the brother I “for a better word lived “vicariously” thru” he is a fee spirit with passion in all he does. I only wish our dad would have lived a little longer to hear the words Mike so passionately wrote
    But honestly Dad has heard the words, I sit by his graveside on occasion, he is a veteran from WWII, and I read to him. the book has made me cry, laugh, and more importantly, I felt that I was on the journey with him. I could not grow up without knowing him his passion, determination, love of life, honor to our country, and lastly knowing from the moment he told the family what he needed to do to honor those who served and those he continues to honor, who never came home, and those who did by the miracle of God, The journey Michael so passionately writes puts you right there, in that moment, this book should be read by every person, it should be in every school library, and most importantly taught to everyone “TO NEVER FORGET” so proud, such a miraculous portrayal of words, stories, pictures…GOD BLESS and thank you for taking me on your journey.

  2. carl m bourdon

    Excellent addition to your book! I was prepared to follow along in my second reading with a Lonely Planet Travel guide to learn each of stops. I second your sister’s endorsement, a required reading..

    • Mike Rinowski

      Yes. Recognition to my story will increase after a chat on a motorcycle radio talk show in Denver, an article in Iowa Thunder Roads magazine, and the greatest exposure with a feature article in EASYRIDER magazine in February 2018.


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