41,000 miles across Vietnam in faith and honor with a playful vengeance

Easyriders Magazine March 2018

“If you like motorcycles, HARLEY TRACKS has to be your next book. Everyday was an adventure. The writing is crisp, detailed, and flawlessly edited.”

Henry Zeybel – Editor: Vietnam Veterans of America Magazine

“There have been many books about epic bike trips–but none are like this one: brazen, brave, and seriously badass.”

Bill Hayes – Author: The Original Wild Ones & American Biker

“I appreciated the deep respect you had for my fellow soldiers, sailors, and airmen. When you called out in the Swan Song Chapter “Brothers! FALL IN – it’s time to go home.” I believe they all heard you.”

Tom Campbell – Vietnam Veteran, SEAL Team One

“I mostly avoid the Vietnam stuff, however, a very good friend sent me your book–I read all of it on Sunday.”

John A. Shaver, Jr. – Vietnam Veteran

“I’m 74 and have no experience with motorcycles. My first thoughts were, WHAT A BRAVE GUY & WHAT THE HECK, IS THIS GUY CRAZY! I truly loved the ending of your book.”

Carol Slater – St. Paul MN

A spiritual journey — with a handful of throttle

Profits support Veterans and their families

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Non-fiction, Hardcover 6 in. x 9 in., 324 pages, Color photos, Shipping wgt.: ~1.5 lbs 
Publisher: Tracks Press, ISBN: 978-0-9882838-6-2, LCCN: 2015903186, Library of Congress Copyright Reg. TX 8-158-612

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