To start off with a note;

I hope all made it safely home from the rally. The Sunday rain storms across eastern SD and into MN were the heaviest I’d seen since the monsoons in Vietnam–2012.

One compliment from a reader, or thank you from a Vietnam Veteran, makes attendance a success; and from that I had a very successful book signing at the Black Hills Harley Davidson store in Rapid City. I was humbled by many. Thanks to many others who bought Harley Tracks. I look forward to your comments.

I’ll add to this post after I select and resize photos.

Please note that the February 2018 issue of EASYRIDER Magazine will feature Harley Tracks.


4 Responses to Sturgis 77th

  • My large and small NVAO patches arrived within a couple of days of finishing your book. At 70 and will be 71 by the time of the next NVAO passage I hope to touch the names on the WALL. I’ll click a Facebook like now. Oops already did when I bought you book. Good luck on future signings……

    • Carl,
      Good to hear from you. I trust you’ve enjoyed many good days, and a good story, since we met at Blaine HD in April.
      The NVAR schedule gets posted in about January. It’s a fantastic ride. Keep in touch and we’d look forward to your joining.
      Thanks & be well.

      • As I was clicking away, I came across STURGES CHICK. I learned of her travel in 2014 to Central America and Panama in Particular. I just learned she is about to write about that travel by motorcycle. First thing came to mind deja vue and another trip to follow along.

        Some sewing on the vest and I am good to go…

        • Amazing how many are riding around the world on motorcycles. All have inspired me. My friends, Daniel and Joey, who you read about in the Laos Intermission chapter, just returned to Berlin, Germany, after six years on the roads of the world. They will make a 2nd movie.
          Stay in touch.

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