An epic motorcycle journey across Vietnam:

There are no tracks like Harley Tracks–41,000 miles alone across Vietnam to honor the Americans who fought and died there.

In 2008, Mike Rinowski went to Vietnam for his first time. To have a Harley Davidson there was as unexpected as his job offer. But as jobs came and went, his joy rides out of Hanoi and Nha Trang turned into a quest that rolled into a journey.

His free-spirited nature led him across a land of beauty while the climate entertained him. To help him appreciate a good day, tropical sunshine burned layers of skin off his arms, at times, he thought he would peel the nose off his face. He shivered in near freezing temperatures, and he was baptized in monsoonal rains. Mike partied with the HOG’s of Saigon and Hanoi, and he and his Fat Boy were known and welcome from one end to the other.

When he returned from his first ride for those who gave all, the bike had taken a beating and he walked with a limp, but what troubled him more was that he had missed something. Mike put his work aside, and his faith guided him into a spiritual realm; the solitude of battlegrounds, jungle, and the Ho Chi Minh Road was a powerful sensation, and he rode with a playful vengeance. He rode fearlessly and foolishly with a handful of throttle, and while his footboards scraped through turns and curves, he willed the sensations to them. He taunted the trails and the elements with a fist in the air. He felt invincible, yet, there were encounters. But he rode from each one, at times the bike was dented, bent, or broke and he was bruised, sprained, or fractured.  Each  time, he reminded himself, “It’s all part of the adventure. I’m the luckiest rider in Vietnam.

Harley Tracks takes you on the ride of a lifetime. You’ll laugh with Mike, and you might laugh at him, and sometimes you might cheer for him, and you will feel his bond with the spirits of those he rode for.

After all that, he crossed America on his Harley, and his journey ended with a joy ride through Canada four and a half years laters.

Not bad for an unexpected road trip! He would have to talk with a priest, a monk, and a psychologist to decide if his paths were laid out by a higher power, fate, or desire.

Harley Tracks keeps those who gave all–not forgotten–with a unique story about their spirits on a wild ride across the land they saw last.

Thank you for visiting Harley Tracks.

Thank a Vet & Never Forget


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Harley Tracks: Across Vietnam to The Wall 


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  • Mike,

    Love your pictures, kept them coming.

    • Hi Larry,
      Good to see you at christmas.
      Still learning about he workings of the social media and web site operations.
      Thanks for the visit and will keep progress posted.
      All the best in the new year.

  • Mike,
    I spent some time in Vietnam and in spite of the ‘events’ of that time, I always thought that it is a beautiful country.
    Good for you on having the opportunity to experience that country on two wheels.
    I’ll, for sure, be following your story.


    • Thanks for the visit Fred,
      Glad to hear you could see through chaos and turmoil to recognize there is beauty there. I’m sure you would be surprised with the country and people now.
      My adventure was beyond an opportunity, it became an honor.
      Thanks for serving.

  • Hey Mike; It looks & sounds great. Sure am glad we met while I visiting Vietnam. I will pass this web site on to vets. & Harley riders alike.

    • Hi Mike,
      Just getting acquainted with the media and site.
      Good to meet you in Nha Trang & looking forward to riding to Rolling Thunder.

  • co len !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RIDING WITH MIKE …always brought smiles to our faces..

    • Dave,
      Good to share rides with you and all the guys. Now that I am gone, you alone are probably one of the luckiest riders there! haha
      Ride safe & enjoy

  • I like your trip very much. Good website and alot riding information.
    Regards, Sumon RideThailand

  • I appreciate the comments and glad to hear you like the site.
    There is a lot more to come.