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The NVAR touched the hearts of thousands of veterans across America, and they touched ours. We found, and recognized, vets from the War on Terror. We shared memorial and patriotic events with hundreds of school kids. In between those pleasures our days ran together with short nights, eat, ride, gas up, ride, eat, ride, gas up, eat, social time, short night > Weather was great and all arrived safely in Washington D.C. for Rolling Thunder.

It was great to meet many people at my presentation of Harley Tracks on Thunder Alley. I talked myself hoarse sharing stories and signed books for many, too. Contrary to a common assumption is that I’m not a combat veteran, and my journey across Vietnam was unexpected, as was the unplanned 6,000 hours to write about it. But I enjoyed every mile and hour. One guy, Doyle, stopped by the second day to say he looked forward to the second chapter.

Monday I packed, and enjoyed a stroll through the Museum of Art before a great seat for the National Memorial Day Parade. Me and Hack are on our track back to Mpls., where I’ve got a presentation at the St. Paul HD store on Saturday.

Memorial Day is not over. Each day our veterans and their families make the sacrifice.

Never Forget
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Our 10th day. Today we ride into D.C.

It’s another great and safe ride; good weather & wonderful visits. Our group has grown to near 100 riders. Police escorts have insured our safe passage from Illinois, through Indiana, and across Ohio to West Virginia. It’s bittersweet that I’m now hauling my bike since Iowa, but for three years I’ve looked forward to presenting my book, Harley Tracks, at Thunder Alley during Rolling Thunder. So, the bike’s tied down with a ton and a half of books.


Included in our mission is to seek out Gulf War Veterans at each stop; at hotels, restaurants, hospitals & hotels, or gas stops. Our Vietnam Veterans did not receive the recognition they deserved when they came home from their war, and to insure that never happens again, when we find veterans who’ve served in the war on terror, we present them with a medal of recognition for their service.


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41,000 miles across Vietnam in Faith and Honor, with a playful Vengeance.


Great Memories