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Like last year, I left Mpls MN, for Sturgis, on a Sunday afternoon–after my annual four day weekend at a lake in up north with my brothers. Ya! We visited our last uncle, Lambert, in Grand Rapids, and then enjoyed the 2nd Amendment at a gravel pit; and that’s all I’ll say about that weekend. What happens at the lake, ya know, stays at the lake. Ya!

Long live the Sturgis Rally.

The faithful came. Vendors, and those with services of all kinds, could, and should not have expected a resemblance of last year’s record crowd. (Maybe they’ll find a little humility in that and cut the gouging on prices?) But fear not; more will return in the coming years to keep the flame burning for riders yet to be conceived. Thankfully, fatalities were down, and those who got landed on by an Indian motorcycle launched off a stage at the Buffalo Chip were released from hospitals within days. That noted, Harley Tracks book signings were proportionally better than last year, and I was pleased to hear praise from many who have read it.

Contrary to what some think from the title, it is not a war story. I’m not a combat veteran or a historian. I’m just a guy who likes to ride and saw opportunities that had to be taken. What began as a joy ride evolved into a ride with a playful vengeance. Please check out the About page and readers comments in a drop-down on the Buy the Book page.

Thank you to all who bought Harley Tracks, those who will order it, and the many who shared stories with me. Thanks, also, to Pete and Dave at KNKL Radio and the crew at News Center 1 for the air time.

My drive home had a side trip, naturally. At a truck stop on the prairie, I rolled the bike out of the trailer and rode down to Nebraska to visit some of my NVAR family, who I ride with to Rolling Thunder each year. Bill & Nancy were great hosts to me and their Purple Fish MC family from Australia. In their pasture, we exercised of our 2nd Amendment rights, sized from 38 caliber to a 454 Casull and large bore rifle. The Casull hurls a piece of lead bigger than some meteorites and kicks like a mule….speaking of mules; #1: Nancy’s two mules quickly tossed their riders, and #2: for refreshments after pulling triggers, Mongo, aka Bill, mixed up a concoction called the Moscow Mule, which kicked like a Casull. And that’s all I need to say about that. Ya!

Thanks for the visit. Please browse the site, and hit that Buy the Book button. OK!

Hit the Harley Tracks facebook link and Like for more photos.

Ride Safe & Enjoy the Spirit of Freedom.

Remember: Never Forget


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I’m hauling mine to Sturgis.

BUT–I rode it 41,000 miles across Vietnam–with a playful vengeance for those who gave all.

Browse my web site; check out the photos and read some stories, and read what others have said about Harley Tracks. I’ve posted photos of a few who bought the book last year. One guy read the book in ten days, and I thought that was some serious reading, but last week I got news of a Vietnam veteran who read Harley Tracks in one day. That’s 95,000 words=over 265 pages of text, plus maps and photos. Wow! Many have humbled me with praise, but it’s those I rode for, and their brothers who returned, who deserve a far greater recognition.

I can’t ignore my sense of safety to pack my bike like the Vietnamese pack their 110cc motos (look through the photo albums). So, I trust you’ll understand me hauling my Fat Boy to Sturgis, when I’ve got a ton of books to haul, also. I’ll be back inside the Black Hills Harley Davidson store for book signings throughout the rally. C’mon in for a visit; share a story, check out my photos & slides, and buy a signed copy of Harley Tracks: Across Vietnam to The Wall.

Ride Safe & Never Forget

C U All in Sturgis

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41,000 miles across Vietnam in Faith and Honor, with a playful Vengeance.


Great Memories