Spring has sprung.

Well, it did for many who rode their bikes to the Donnie Smith Bike Show in St. Paul last weekend. On Saturday, crowds packed the halls to gaze at all the fine rides – imaginations carry the competition to a new level. The Swap Meet and Hot Rod Show were no less for attention. On a 60 degree Sunday, the crowds must have been in church, or paying praise in the wind.

A late blizzard flirted with Minnesota on Monday to bring back chilling days of old. Covers lay over my boys, the Fat Boys in the garage. I’m anxious to ride, but in no hurry; says the old bull!

But come May, the ’08 and I head for California to join the National Veterans Awareness Ride, (NVAR) for the Run to the Wall – Rolling Thunder in D.C. I’m likely to budget for heated liners for my leathers. Gotta keep this old bull warm. From Mpls, on May 2 or 3, to the Black Hills, and perhaps through Yellowstone to Oregon it will get chilly.

I’ll visit an old friend in CA for a brew or two, and spin a few Lp’s from a large collection he cares for. Then, or sooner, I’ll meet up with Mike from AZ, who I met in a bar in Nha Trang, Vietnam, and introduced me to this ride. We met in Iowa for last year’s Run to the Wall. This year we go all the way.

The manuscript for Harley Tracks: In the Spirit of Freedom, improves with each re-write. Each day I relive the motorcycle adventure with an amazement to its scope, and that I lived to tell the tale. This summer it will go to a professional editor for a proper presentation. Come fall it’ll go to print.

I hope you like the new face and presentation of the web site. By way of coincidence I met a fellow, by way of a good deed, who does this sort of thing.

Once again, I’ll blog the Run to the Wall.

It’s not often I like to be followed, but for the cause, I invite you to return and join me, as I join others, to thank those who served and sacrificed for our freedom. Please refer to last years NVAR run in these archives for some history of a wonderful and humbling ride.

If you ride – ride safe in 2014

To all – enjoy the spirit & never forget.

Best Regards,













I waited 60 years to visit New England. Now I’ve made two trips in four months. Upfront, the most unfortunate part was that it wasn’t done on two wheels. Nonetheless, it was a fun time.

Any travel in New England is a tour through history. Significant battle sites or events leading to our United States are at, or near – everywhere. On a beach 50 miles from Provincetown, 393 years after the Mayflower landed, we celebrated Ryan and Kristen’s Cape Cod wedding. We enjoyed clam chowder, lobster, and lots of drink; while those early settlers were happy with turkey and fresh water.

It was an opportune time to visit my friend, Peter, in Vermont, the 50th state I have visited. (It’s a weak technicality, but I once got off a plane in Anchorage, Alaska, while it refueled.) Peter is history literate and takes me to early battle grounds and old trappers routes. Nowadays, the mountains are infiltrated with ski lodges, golf courses, hiking and biking trails, and plenty of Harleys roll over it’s fantastic trails too. Continue reading