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  • Hi Mike
    I don’t know if you remember me but we met at The Mountain View Hotel Sapa back in June of this year and had a few beers together.
    I was intrigued with your travels and the prospect of a forth coming book. Let me know when the book is available so
    I can be one of the fist to read it.I would love to hire a bike for a couple of months and retrace some of the roads you have travelled.
    I ride quite a bit in Australia ( Honda VFR 800)
    Hope all is going well for you and safe riding.
    Ron Jackson

    • Ron,

      Of course I remember you. Your millenia celebration over the Antarctic was a fantastic story.

      Your entry was made before the site was up, however it was recieved and the site builder did notify me. I trust you recieved my reply to your personal mail address we exchanged in Sapa.

      Glad to hear of your continued interest in my adventure. I’ll post news on this site as I progress with a formal presentation.

      In the meantime Ride Safe & Enjoy the Spirit


    • Hi Ron,
      There’s been many miles since we talked, and a lot of hours into my story, but it’s finally in print. It wasn’t complete without our Sapa meeting.
      Let me know you’re out there.

  • I just wanted to know that it was an honor to have met you in D.C., for this past “Rolling Thunder”. I’m Chuck. I took the reins from Tony Cunningham, as the newest Ride of Pride driver. I sure hope to see you again next year. Hopefully I will be passing the torch to our next Ride of Pride driver at the memeorial.
    I have been telling many people of your wonderful travels. Especially the Vietnam veterans that I get a chance to spend time with.
    I look forward to reading more about you and your journey. I look forward to sitting with you and spending some time next year in D.C.

    Semper Fidelis,
    Chuck Ceccacci
    Schneider National’s Ride of Pride driver

  • Memorial…Geez I need to slow down and proof read.
    See ya soon Mike!

    • Hi Chuck,
      Nice to hear from you & Congratulations on your honor with the Ride of Pride. It was good to meet with you and Tony too. He said he was riding next year, so I hope to ride all the way with them.

      I’ve been postponing contacting so many people until I get my web site completed, to include photos of the NVAR ride. Got a couple of you guys too. Still hope to wrap it up in the next week. But the google map of Vietnam may take awhile; its a really cool option, but me thinks satellite communications keep screwing things up – or planet alignment is off, or something. But I’ll get it and let you know.
      Thanks for sharing my site info.
      Looking forward to next year.
      We will be in touch.

      • Hi Chuck,

        We missed you on the last NVAR.

        I trust this finds you in good health and high spirits. Harley Tracks: Across Vietnam to The Wall hit print with a hardcover.
        I’ll be on iHeart Radio tomorrow night, Sat. Oct 24 at 9:15 pm Central Time – KCBQ station out of CA.

  • Mike: I really enjoyed remenissing through Vietnam. The pictures the ride to DC are just as great. I only have one question. If you’ve been riding for so many years; what do you do for a living?

    • Hello Hank,
      Thanks for visiting Harley Tracks.
      Right now I write, ride and do volunteer work.
      But to answer your question, the short version: My riding life began while working in train service – Locomotive Engineer and Conductor for different railroads. The bike and life was always dominant.
      Then the winds of life blew me into the not so parallel world of golf. I liked the idea of a game of integrity played on a respected piece of earth. And as I found out, for me, it’s an unstable and mobile business on an international level. But, as I thought I was making sincere and diligent efforts in a career, the motorcycle blew back into it.
      You’re welcome to visit anytime.
      Ride Safe & Enjoy the Spirit.

      • Mike: great to hear from you. If you ever decide to ride by Yosemite- stop by and visit. We always have a bed available.

    • Hey Hank,

      I trust this mail finds you well.
      I’ve been occupied with my novel, and in June, Harley Tracks: Across Vietnam to The Wall finally hit print with a hardcover. Now I’m learning how to promote and market – not my specialty, but books don’t sell themselves – although, I think once a few more readers compliment it, it may carry more weight.
      I’ll be interviewed by KCBQ out of S. CA on Sat. Oct 24. at 7:15 pm Pacific Time if you want to tune in. And of course you’ll find I’ve updated the web site with the book buy button.

  • I was scanning your blog and noted the mention of golf and was wondering if you ever worked at New Orleans Country Club or is that another Mike Rinowski.

  • Mike, I had lunch with your Brother today. He gave me your card. Nice site and photo’s. Looks like you are having fun. Stay safe.


  • Mike, GREAT pictures. I forwarded your site to riders and Viet Vets friends of mine.

    So glad you doppy little bother gave me your card.

    If ever in Hopkins I hope you have time to look me up.


    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the visit, glad you like the photos. It’s been a long adventure – kind of like “The Never Ending Story.” LOL
      My Bro gets out more than I do, I’ll have to give him more cards!
      I will stop by one day.


  • Hi, your Blog was very interested, I enjoyed the story of your trips and the photos too!
    from GGTEX (a deaf lady) 🙂

    • Hi GGTEX,

      Glad you enjoy the stories, we all have them. I will post more when the snow melts. I’m set for the May Run to the Wall.

  • Nice meeting you today at Taco Bell in Andover,mn checked out your web site,very amazing the places you have been,thank you for what you are doing,wish everyone had the mind set you have,world would be so much better,take care,god speed and please be safe out there.

    • Hey Mike,

      I trust this finds you well.
      Just a note to let you know that after 6,000+ hours, Harley Tracks: Across Vietnam to The Wall has hit print with a hardcover.
      I’ll be interviewed by KCBQ out of CA (iHeart Radio) on Sat. Oct. 24., 9:15 Central Time. If you miss it, they’ll keep it in their archives at married with motorcycles facebook, and perhaps,


  • Hey Mike,

    Tried calling you @ the2806# but your mailbox was full.

    That’s a GOOD thing, right?

    Just wanted to see how you’re doing.

    Give me a call when you can. Off to see BOC in Santa Cruz tonight.


  • Hi Mike,
    A very close friend, and first time HD owner met you in Jackson WY, and had to buy your book for me. I have been aware of your journey but I mostly avoid the Vietnam stuff as it causes me hurt.However I took the book two days ago and red it Sunday I was fine until the end and the Wall. I was especially connected with your work when you added to your mission the phone at the wall. I wept as I read, as I do now writing. I was 18 when there it hurt me deeply as I now understand. I am glad you road for those who can never do it. I ride a 78 shovel, 83 shovel shrine bigger, and a 94 Road King. Peace after Nam, was rare; a lean to in Vermont, my bikes, my long suffering wife of 40+ years, and now my growing family 13 grand and a great on the way….I don’t know if i could handle a return to Nam although some I know have gone back..I have wanted to do the Run to the Wall, but my body is quitting me somewhat from injuries there and cancer, but I have not quit suckin AIR. Nor have I given up but some days are diamonds and some are coal. I would love to met some day down the trail. Keep it up for us that have “come home” but left a lot over their. Thanks Bro

    • Hello John,
      Thank you. Your words humble me.
      I didn’t plan or know what I was getting into, but it was something somebody had to do, and I felt blessed with the honor. Pouring my thoughts and emotions onto pages wasn’t an easy thing for me, but those I rode for, and you, deserved a full and true account. There’s a meaning to it all that grows for me; and from veterans like you I find a greater fulfillment from my journey. I hope to reach an audience of a young generation to help keep those who gave all, not forgotten, along with their brothers who returned. For the past three years I’ve rode the same route to meet up with the NVAR near Sacramento CA for the ride to The Wall. I’ll get in touch with Todd, and I, too, would look forward to meeting you. I was amazed when Todd told me you read Harley Tracks in one day. Wow! You keep suckin air and know that a coal day makes those diamond days all the better. I rode 41,000 across Vietnam, and twelve miles east of Brothers, Oregon, in May, the Fat Boy hit 82,000 miles. The spirits of those I rode for & I celebrated 41,000 miles across America. With 85 K on the FB now, it runs as sweet as its first miles out of Hanoi. I ride for you all.
      None Forgotten.
      God Bless You

  • Track,
    I cannot thank you enough for gifting me a signed copy of your book on the last night we were together on this year’s NVAO Ride. I finally got home yesterday and logged a total of 7023 miles on my Spyder. I will start to read it very soon.
    I also want to thanks you for your tremendous effort in the Sitreps on the NVAO website and even more the Facebook page. It was an honor to share time with you.

    • Nugget,
      We enjoyed having you on the ride, too, there are none like it! I leave on Thursday for the visit to the Grand Island NE veterans home, they look forward to our visit each year as much as we do. Glad you had a good time and I look forward to seeing you next year.

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