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To start off with a note;

I hope all made it safely home from the rally. The Sunday rain storms across eastern SD and into MN were the heaviest I’d seen since the monsoons in Vietnam–2012.

One compliment from a reader, or thank you from a Vietnam Veteran, makes attendance a success; and from that I had a very successful book signing at the Black Hills Harley Davidson store in Rapid City. I was humbled by many. Thanks to many others who bought Harley Tracks. I look forward to your comments.

I’ll add to this post after I select and resize photos.

Please note that the February 2018 issue of EASYRIDER Magazine will feature Harley Tracks.


The NVAR seems like long ago, and the next one is taking eons to get here.

In the meantime, Harley Tracks has been busy at local events, and I thank all who bought my book, and appreciated all the nice words from those who already read it.

I have  some great news: I got a call from Dave Nichols, Editor at EASYRIDER MAGAZINE, he asked for a 2,000 word article about my ride/book, along with photos. That’ll be quite a spread on their pages. I’ll update for sure.

Now, back to events.

The annual Patriot Guard Ride was July 8. They held a special recognition to Vietnam Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers. The weather was perfect, and the attendance was huge, more than I’d seen in the past four years. The Patriot Guard did a fantastic job with organization and schedule of respected host speakers. It was great to hear a band with a lot of brass in it, and they played on as the last of the vendors packed it in.

After sharing stories, I often forget to get a picture new readers of Harley Tracks, but they were mindful to request photos with me, and in turn, I snapped them. I had to post one with Killswitch and the bike he built from a dream; aluminum frame, anodized, and 121 cubic inches of power. Nice job Killswitch, thanks to you new readers, and Thank You Veterans.

To all Gold Star Families, our hearts and prayers are with you.



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41,000 miles across Vietnam in Faith and Honor, with a playful Vengeance.

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