Mike Rinowski

Recognition to Harley Tracks grows.

Through the year, I’ve introduced my story at national and local events. My thanks to new readers, and I was humbled from the comments of others who’ve read it.  But it’s those I rode for, and their Brothers who came home, who deserve a greater recognition.

I didn’t intend to make that ride, but when the opportunity presented itself, I felt an obligation as you would have. Unlike many, I was in a position to risk much in my life to fulfill it, although, I didn’t know what that would take, and that’s where faith fit into my journey.

After 6,000+ hours of writing, and re-writing, I published Harley Tracks with professional guidance, after which, I learned that’s only 5% of getting a story to it’s audience.  As I rode in faith, I wrote in faith, and those I hoped would find it worthy have encouraged me to push hard to promote it. However, the outgoing nature to market something has been only a sliver in my character, but I’ve gotten better. Many people who don’t read books have been fascinated with my story told at events.

Since you are still with me in this post, I know we have some very important things in common, and you would relate to my story much as I did, and readers have. It’s a unique story that surprised me as much as them. Who would have imagined a ride like that?  It’s a story that many people want to read, only they don’t know it yet!

Please check out the Reader’s Comments page, and keep an eye out for my story in the March 2018 issue of Easyrider magazine; available Jan. 30. The editor has planned for a lengthy article.

I proudly add that the Fat Boy passed the 100,000 mile mark on a recent road trip, which include the Kokomo, Indiana, Vietnam Veterans Reunion, and a motorcycle expo in Columbus, Ohio, where I caught up with Daniel, a fellow I met in Vientiane, Laos, 7 years ago. He’s a part of the Laos Intermission chapter in my book. Between those two events, I spent time with my friend, JT, near Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He’s a retired jet engine mechanic who now repairs Harleys. We rolled my bike onto a lift for an exploratory inspection: 180 psi in both cylinders and the leak-down was 5%, that was thrilling to find. We then found the cam chain tensioners, cams, and oil pump good for about another 30 – 40 K miles, and I decided, with JT on the wrench, it was an opportune time to change them all out for Feuling 525 cams and plate assembly with a high volume oil pump.

I look forward to the next 100,000 miles.

To start those miles, I’m in the process of a paint job, just a touch up to go along with some graphics on the front and rear fenders. I’ll take pride in presenting the bike at the IMS and Donnie Smith bike shows this Dec and Feb., and one day, giving it to it’s rightful owners, those whose names cut into The Wall. But first, I’ve got more miles to ride for them.

Thanks for the visit.

Never Forget.