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I’m going to piggy back this post for my convenience: May is a month I commit to honoring our veterans across America. I’m currently 3,400 miles into the ride, with another 5,000 to go.

Please visit www.nvao.us to follow our ride.

Thank you & Never Forget

The best rides are those that “just happen”, like mine in Harley Tracks, and the best ideas come in their own time, like those in the fresh paint job on my Fat Boy. Thanks to three talented painters, I’ll ride with a greater pride with this paint job for posterity. These photos are from it’s debut at the Donnie Smith Bike Show in St. Paul MN.

If this is your first time to my site, after you’ve checked out these photos, please browse around and check out the readers comments page, after which, please hit a Buy the Book icon and join the ride. Harley Tracks is available in an ebook from amazon, bn, and kobo.

In five weeks I’ll make tracks over those I’ve laid for the past five years on my sixth ride to Oregon, and then to California to meet my National Veterans Awareness Ride (NVAR) family for our annual pilgrimage across America; for 10 days we visit veterans in homes and hospitals across America, visit schools to share our gratitude toward our veterans, and perform ceremonies at cemeteries and memorials before we arrive in Washington D.C. for Rolling Thunder. It’s a fantastic, emotional, and memorable ride every rider should make at least once if at all possible.

For more about that ride, please click on the NVAO link at the right side of this page.

Scroll below these photos for the previous photos of paint in progress, other stuff, and the archives hold a lot of cool stuff also.

Thank you, Thank a Vet, & Never Forget





































Welcome to my web site,

Recognition to Harley Tracks: Across Vietnam to The Wall builds with an 8-page article in the March issue of Easyriders magazine. Whoohoo!

Editors at the Vietnam Veterans of America magazine, also, recommend my book; veterans & non-veterans, riders & non-riders, young & otherwise connect with my story. Check out their comments, order your copy and join a ride like no other.

Harley Tracks started 2017 at a Tribute to the Troops event, then to Daytona, Rolling Thunder, the Patriot Guard Ride, Algona, Thank the SEALS, Sturgis, Kokomo, Columbus Expo, and a few others in-between, and closed the year with dusty renovations for the Eagles Healing Nest; a lot events with a lot of people enjoying their freedom with huge support for veterans and veterans families.

I look forward to a lot of miles in 2018 with more horsepower and fresh paint.

I’ve posted a few photos below, and the first couple are self-explanatory!

Then it’s me & Mickey at the Eagles Healing Nest; renovating an old state hospital to make homes for homeless veterans. Mickey smears the mud on, and I sand it off. A lot of community support in these projects.

Tom sprayed fresh anniversary paint on all my tin, and Leah will lay down some awesome graphics for posterity.

Harley Tracks happenings:

Book signings first,

Mar 3, Noon – 2 pm at Blaine Barnes & Noble

Mar 10, 4 – 6 pm at Maple Grove Barnes & Noble

Mar 17 & 18, FM Crusaders Bike Show, pending.

Mar 24 & 25, Donnie Smith Bike Show at the In Country Veterans Motorcycle Club (ICVMC) booth, in the back left corner.

Chats on a couple motorcycle radio shows are in being scheduled, one on 2/25 at 6 pm pacific time. (at the moment, I can’t remember the stations.)

I also have an internet presentation to a senior center in Mechanicsburg PA 2/26, and on site presentations in the Jackson County libraries in April 25.

About May 1, I’ll head west to meet the National Veterans Awareness Ride (aka NVAR) in Auburn CA for a 10 day ride across America and visit veterans in hospitals and homes each day. This is an item for any riders bucket list, and it’ll be my 6th ride. Please, check out my archives from past ride. Hit the NVAR link for more on the ride.

Browse the site, and check out my Harley Tracks facebook link for a lot of photo albums. Give it a LIKE, I post to it almost quarterly, or thirdly.

Thank you, Thank a Vet, & Never Forget

Mike “Track” Rinowski